4 Types of Music Royalties

Royalties are the payments that go out to artists when their work is used. Learn more about mechanical, public performance, print, and sync royalties.

ASCAP Vs. BMI Licenses

BMI and ASCAP are the world's largest performance rights organizations. Learn how these nonprofits distribute royalties from users to copyright holders.

Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Music

Whether you are a professional or amateur filmmaker, it’s important to understand the difference between commercial and non-commercial use of music for a media project.

How Are Copyright Laws Enforced?

It's easy to unknowingly use a copyrighted work without proper permissions, or for financial gain. Learn the legal consequences of copyright infringement.

How do Internal and External Licenses Differ?

Internal music licenses and external music licenses refer to different applications of the license. Learn more about examples and use cases at Musicbed.

How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

YouTube’s partner program is an easy way to begin monetizing projects on YouTube. Explore other ways artists can leverage their YouTube channels to earn money.

How to Find Music for Ads

Including music in advertisements makes them more memorable and creates a connection with the audience. Find out how to select the right song for your next ad spot.

How to Handle YouTube Claims

YouTube has made it simple to upload and share videos on the web, but not all content is free. Copyrighted material may receive a Content ID claim – but it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Licensing Music for Film

Licensing music for video and other types of visual media requires two things: the Master Use License and the Synchronization (Sync) license.

Music Production vs. Audio Engineering

Producers and Engineers both play essential roles in the production process. Learn more about what these roles entail, and how they have evolved in the music industry.

Poor Man's Copyright

The Poor Man’s Copyright is said to be an alternative to registering music. Learn the details about this myth, and how it applies to music licensing.

The 7 Songwriter & Music Publisher Agreements

Read about the 7 types of agreements that can be made between songwriters and music publishers, considered one of the most important topics in a songwriter’s career.

What is a Paid Ad and Why Does it Matter?

Licensing for paid advertising requires special attention. Read on to learn about paid ads, why they are important, and licensing for paid ads.

What is Micro Licensing?

Micro licensing is a popular way to license music for a low cost. Learn how micro licensing differs from traditional licensing at Musicbed.

What is Stock Music?

Stock music, also known as production music is a broad term for music that’s made specifically to be licensed, generally in mass quantities. Either royalty-free music or not, stock catalogs contain thousands of tracks that can be licensed by subscription or single purchase. Stock music catalogs are owned by a company, either produced by hired artists or the company itself.

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