Folk, Indie


Chill, Serious


A. Guitar , Claps, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Shaker, Stomps, Violin


Acoustic, Beat, BPM: Medium-Slow, Earthy, Minimal


City of gold, city of face
City of love, city no base
City undone, city low play
City street-drunk, city turns none away

And we saw through our windows
Every door where the men go

She was low cut, she was dumb-faced
A ribbon of lust wherever she lay
See her undone, see her freeze-frame
See her drunk li(m)p, see her tease play

And we watch still
As she goes downhill

City hangs out where the beasts sway
City’s passed out in the hallway
Before she fell down what did she say?
“I haven’t seen a bird in twenty-three of these days”

To say we told her so was no thrill
But we don’t mind a quiet kill