Zach Winters

I'm Traveling Now


Folk, Indie


Carefree, Happy, Uplifting


A. Guitar , Acoustic Drums, Harmonica, Mandolin, Whistling


Beat, Bouncy, BPM: Medium, Earthy, Easy Listening, Train Beat


I’ve been down that road,
and I’m traveling now.
It turned out then that I could walk away, but I couldn’t run away.
Oh mama, my heart tried to stay.
And now you’ll find me here by the cool water -
I lay with Lane by the side of a rock
and we wait for the cool of the day.
I hear the footsteps of my Father
drawing close now;
I hear his breath, I know the sound
when he comes to meet with me.
I used to be frightened when he called my name,
or try to impress him,
but now I know for me your heart is full of love!
Oh Father! let all of your waves and breakers sweep on over me!
Oh Father! do you know the heart you wake when you say, Come with me?
Oh Father! let these ears hear again you invite me to sing and play!
Oh Father, Father, Father! my heart is home.
I’ve been down that road,
and I’m traveling now.