Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter


Love, Serious


A. Guitar , Acoustic Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Processed Drums, Shaker


Beat, BPM: Medium-Fast


You look a bit beat up today
Did their words knock your breath away
I know you didn’t intend to fight
Can I carry the bags underneath your eyes
You’ve got no white flag to fly
They took it from us last time
I know they twisted all your words
Now silence is all you have to say

Though there’s smoke rising from ashes
Don’t worry now, I set love aside
I see tears falling from your eyes
Don’t worry now, I set love aside

Leave the lamp take my hand
The sky is darkest before the dawn
I’ll turn your cheek if you’ll turn mine
Just believe we’ll survive

Come and rest with me; I may be young, but I’m not weak
Come and lay your head on my knee; I care for you and I won’t leave