Pop, Rock


Carefree, Happy, Love, Uplifting


Acoustic Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth Lead, Synth Pad


Beat, BPM: Fast, Driving


V1 - You're beautiful - It's nice to see - I wasn't looking for - Anyone to be with me - Didn't think - You would leave this place for so long - I forgot about - Your brooding stare - So much to talk about - But you sit there - And don't have much to say - When you were far away - I planned for this day - And now I can't think of - What I was gonna say - You sit across from me - And I can't seem to think straight - I can't seem to remember how it got this way - Should be holding it together but you CHORUS - Take me away - And my breath is far from steady - Can you see it on my face? - Don't have to say - Much to me till I'm ready - To up and run away - Don't know what you even do - But I'm dying to just be around you - So take me away - For tonight cause I know - You'll be leaving soon anyway - Anyway V2 - Entertain my thoughts - You're like a fantasy - Leaving my stomach in knots - You're within my reach - But seem untouchable - It's like I'm trapped in a movie scene - And I'm the one who's - Too damn obvious - You're a mystery - And I wasn't born to mind-read - You're the one who's - Blessed with perfection - I'm the hot mess - Not easy, just easy to read