Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter


Carefree, Love, Uplifting


Acoustic Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Organ, Piano, Tambourine, Trumpet


Beat, BPM: Medium


My Coffee is cold and I want some more
But People want my table, the line is out the door
I sigh and see the chair next to me, still empty
Leaning back in my chair I breathe more air, still waiting

So I close my eyes and pray one more time
That the day would come, when I’d find someone
Who will hold me close, and love me more than I’ve ever known before

I fight with my keys and wish someone one would hold a light for me
Pushing open the door, toss my bad and my heart on the floor
Everything stays the same in this place, cause I’m still waiting
Curling up in my bed I breath more air, and start dreaming

Oh it’s not about being alone
I can make it through life on my own
But I know I would be a wife who loves for life