Musicbed Awards: January Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

Musicbed Awards recognizes and honors creative breakthrough moments by showcasing them alongside top talent in the industry. 

It starts with Official Selections—standout submissions announced each month and shared with our worldwide creative audience. 

All Official Selections then advance to the annual Musicbed Awards show for a chance to take home a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Musicbed Award. 
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Official Selections: Advertisement

Panasonic | GREEN IMPACT Campaign Anthem*

Produced by Phelps Creative House

“We wanted the viewer to feel the change happening on screen – and Out of the Shadows by Ely Eira brought that to life for us. The Nordic roots of the artist can be heard, grounding it to nature.” — Joshua Phelps

Featured Musicbed Music

“Out Of The Shadows” by Ely Eira


Client: Panasonic
Production Agency: Phelps Creative House
Production + VFX: The Mill


Creative Director: Mike King
Executive Creative Director: Joshua Phelps
Director: Bowe King
Executive Producer: Yasuhiro Fukuda
Producer: Ben Leiser
DPs: Adam Carboni, Billy Peña
Athletes: Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka, Nathan Chen
Agent: Michael Lynch
Production Coordination: Callie Starnes, Beth Sluser


Executive Producer: Tracey Khan, Peter Hullinger
Executive Creative Director: Joshua Phelps
Producer: Mike Trivisonno, Sheila Lobo, Justin Matzen
Creative Director: Bowe King, Andrew Pellicer, Gavin Wellsman
Editors: Charlotte Carr, Grace Malone, Matthew Brown
Edit Assist: Joseph Zappulla
Colourist: Kris Smale
Colour Producer: Nubia Lima
Colour Assist: Joni Brandenburg, Rachel Philips
Sound Design and Mix: Matthew Brown
Shoot Supervisor: Todd Sarsfield, Anton Anderson
2D Lead Artist: Theo Maniatis, Anton Anderson, Sasha Djordjevic
3D Lead Artist: Justin Kurtz
2D Artist: Dan Giraldo, Lindsey Fry, Jose Arauz, Michael Almodovar, Katelyn Morancie, Tara Holland
3D Artist: Badin Wongsawat, Andrea Niedda
Finish Artist: Anton Anderson, Theo Maniatis, Sasha Djordjevic
Matte Painting: Charles Lee, Derry Frost
Art Director: Maxim Goudin
Designers: Jessica Li, Carlos Nieto
Storyboards: Matt Jones
Production Coordinator: Allison Hemingway, Alexandria Adams

Fallout 76 (Live Action Concept Trailer)

Directed by Brian Curtin

“The Charlie Rich song was a godsend. It’s incredibly hard to license true vintage music that sounds this good. It’s not an official song you would hear on the Fallout radio station, but it does have a lot of the same qualities. It’s a great juxtaposition of vintage sound against post-apocalyptic visuals. I also thought the lyrics “Who will the next fool be” was fitting for the impending doom of our brave wanderers.” — Brian Curtin

Featured Musicbed Music

Lux” by Ryan Taubert
Who Will The Next Fool Be” by Charlie Rich


Director: Brian Curtin
Producer: Adam Edwards
DP: Caleb Zorn 
Color: Clinton Homuth 
Sound: Gavin Little ‘Echolab’ 
Gaffer: Seth Newell 
Grip: Thomas Trollope 
Art: Mat Powell 
PA: Luke Meuller

BoS Soldier/Wastelander: Walt Thomas
BoS Soldier: Will Nash
Power Armor: Danny Reategui 
Mechanic: Kevin Wayne 
Free Radical/Ranger: Steve Prokop 
Mother: Joy Curtin 
Boy: Lucas Curtin
Nuka Cola Delivery: Ben Moon 
Vault Dweller: Brandi Blooms 
3D Animation: Will Nash
Deathclaw: Brenton Peplinski

Official Selections: Branded Content

Amazon Studios | Jack Ryan Premiere at The USO*

Directed by Jon Cruz
Produced by Julia Johnson

“Since this piece was for the Amazon Studios show Jack Ryan and it was promoting the US armed services, I tried to use music that reminded me of some of my favorite military, espionage and action films/video games growing up, like Michael Bay’s The Rock and Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise. It’s that pulsing, relentless, epic sounding dramatic action that I think these artists have all captured really well in their music. Building percussion, swelling horns. It’s just got that bad ass ‘sh*t’s about to go down, prepare for battle’ energy!” — Jon Cruz

Featured Musicbed Music

Grid Iron” by Bradford Nyght
Blackest Hand (Instrumental)” by Saint Mesa
Come And Get It” by Bradford Nyght
Legends Never Die (Instrumental)” by Timbr


Director, DP, Editor: Jon Cruz 
Creative Producer: Julia Johnson
Social Lead: Irving Lopez

KONA Bicycles | Self Portrait

Directed by Louis Citadelle

“Having to manage my energy levels to still be able to ride my bike as best I could while getting all the angles, I had in mind was easily the biggest challenge I faced in this project. Being a self-shot film, I had to carry all my camera gear and bike to get to the location by myself, and then had to do countless trips running up and down to set the camera, change lens, record, etc… It’s a very tedious and repetitive process, but more importantly it’s the amount of time and energy it takes that can be very challenging.” — Louis Citadelle

Featured Musicbed Music

Adélie” by kïngpinguïn
Dreamt” by Live Footage
Lift Me (Somehow)” by Alaskan Tapes
Out Of The Shadows” by Ely Eira
Better & Better” by Andrew Judah
pressure” by vowl.

Official Selections: Documentary Film

One Lost Many Found*

Directed by Troy Bedenbaugh

“Dreamers by Tim Mann provided the perfect nostalgic/dreamy feeling the helped separate the present from the past when I began to dive into introduce my dad’s past as a surfboard shaper. 

 House by Marta Cascales Alimbau is a song I used right after explaining to the viewer how my dad passed away. I knew in that moment I didn’t want to overpower the viewer with emotion, and “House” allowed the viewer to really sit in a moment of somber reflection.” – Troy Bedenbaugh

Featured Musicbed Music

Dreamers” by Tim Mann
House” by Marta Cascales Alimbau


Director: Troy Bedenbaugh 
EP: Mark Bone 
Cinematography: Mateus Inke 
Color: Sam Zook 
Music: Jeff Melanson + Musicbed
Sound Design & Mixing: Stephen Barden
BTS Photo & Video & Design: Noah Blaine Clark

Official Selections: Experimental Film

Feathers Go Hard

Directed by Jon Stamm

“Imagining this concept was one thing but bringing it to life was another. Even after we were satisfied with the voiceover, it was challenging to find the perfect combination of visuals, music, and pacing necessary for the joke to land. In the end, we approached it like an ad (as if feathers were the product), and drew inspiration from various commercials for Ford Trucks, perfumes, and the US Marine Corps.” – Jon Stamm

Featured Musicbed Music

Arrival” by Jude Cosmo


Jon Stamm 
Maddie Huston 
Drew Shryock 
Miles Minnaar

Official Selections: Wedding


Russell Kent Nicholls

“This wedding was an explosion of the senses, and I felt that my usual go-to of uplifting pop wouldn’t do this energy packed wedding justice. After filtering to Cinematic Pop and sampling the song out of curiosity – I was instantly hooked by its suspense, dramatic breaks and build. It’s totally out of the ordinary for me – much like the entertainment of this wedding – which included firebreathers, dance troupes, showstopping light displays and the *actual* Jason Derulo as a surprise performer. The strings, punches and electronic FX instantly transported me back to the energy of dancefloor. I wanted the teaser trailer to feel like an ad for a feature film and the pacing and drama of this song absolutely delivered!” – Russell Kent Nicholls

Featured Musicbed Music

Out Of The Shadows” by Ely Eira

Jillian + Marty – Teaser

The Quail and the Dove

“Sugar” had the perfect energy and drive to match Jillian and Marty’s personalities. In addition, Marty is a musician, so we knew we had to find a song that fit the couple and was well-written and produced.”

Featured Musicbed Music

Sugar” by Johnny Stimson


Bottlebrush Films

“I wanted really eclectic and almost ethereal tracks for this film since the theme of the entire weekend was focused on mystery and a journey of the senses, so each of these songs met the brief as well as having really beautiful and intentional lyrics that related to certain speeches being used.” — Grace Cardona

Featured Musicbed Music

Run With Me” – Jonny Southard
I’m Not Here” – Graphite Man
Pendulum Guess” – Liminal
Dark Side of Paradise” – GoldFord


Editor: Grace Cardona
Videographer: Andrew Fenaughty 
Videographer: James Alexander 
Photographer: Fred and Hannah 
Produced by: Bottlebrush Films

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