Victoria Bigelow

Discover Victoria Bigelow: Nashville's indie-pop sensation blending heartfelt lyrics, sultry vocals, and an atmospheric, earthy sound.

Musicbed Sessions was the perfect setting to capture Victoria Bigelow’s indie-pop feel. Her deeply honest lyrics combined with the sultry sincerity of her voice made for a captivating performance. Watch “Waves“, “Song for No One“, “Oblivion“, and “Low“, captured live at Musicbed HQ.

The uniquely talented Victoria Bigelow, a shining indie-pop sensation hailing from the creative heartbeat of Nashville, Tennessee, is a true jewel in the indie scene. Victoria’s musical prowess resonates in the depth and sincerity of her artistry. Her introspective lyrics, imbued with unfiltered honesty, will touch the deepest corners of your soul, while the sultry earnestness of her voice will leave you longing for more.


Musicbed Sessions is a cinematic video series that intimately captures artists in concert and offers a professionally produced, one-of-a-kind experience designed to showcase the talent, quality, and depth of the Musicbed roster.