Drew Holcomb

Drift away to the acoustic sounds of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Drew Holcomb for Musicbed Sessions. Captured live, up close, and in the round at Musicbed HQ.

Immerse yourself in the acoustic soul of Drew Holcomb. His music is a blend of heartfelt indie folk with an Americana edge. It’s more than just sound; it’s a journey. Experience the unique tunes that define Nashville’s music scene. Drew’s music is a gateway to a world of deep emotion and rich storytelling.

Dive into the live experience with Musicbed Sessions. Here, Drew Holcomb’s talent shines in an up-close setting. Recorded live at Musicbed HQ, this session captures the essence of his music. It’s an intimate affair, where every chord strikes a chord in your heart. Let Drew’s acoustic sounds transport you to a place of musical bliss.


Musicbed Sessions is a cinematic video series that intimately captures artists in concert and offers a professionally produced, one-of-a-kind experience designed to showcase the talent, quality, and depth of the Musicbed roster.