Cultivating Originality With Jodeb


It isn’t enough for director Jonathan Desbiens (aka Jodeb) to simply do things differently. He takes it further by deliberately doing the exact opposite of others. He chooses to move forward by moving away from convention, wise to the fact that every step down an untraveled path is an original act of creation.

We spoke with Jodeb at his home in Quebec. Hear his thoughts on keeping curiosity as your companion, welcoming inspiration, and why how you learn—not what you learn—really matters.


Christian Schultz Director/Editor

Robert H. Dyar Jr. Producer

Bradford Nyght Sound Design

Evan Hutchings Conversations

Josh Goleman Cinematographer

Tobias Haynes Sound Recordist

London Symphony Orchestra
Scene in the Fields

Get to Know Filmmaker Jonathan Desbiens

Prettybird director Jonathan Desbiens—better known in the industry as Jodeb—is responsible for some of the last decade’s most eye-catching, thought-provoking films. His all-in attitude toward originality is one of the main reasons he’s the star of the latest installment of MAKE, our ongoing short film series where we talk to notable filmmakers about the intersection of their creative process and creative identity.

While his path toward inspiration, breakthrough, and success isn’t conventional, his self-confidence and passion offer serious insight for anyone looking to build a reel based on unbridled creativity and rugged individuality.

His award-winning work for international artists like Jack White, Halsey, and Skrillex and brands like Adidas and Yves St. Laurent stands out for its undeniable visual flair and imaginative, challenging concepts. Not bad for a career that started with a bootleg copy of After Effects and teenage DIY skate videos.

“Corporation” by Jack White
ADIDAS ORIGINALS | Original is never finished | CHINA
Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium | Zoë Kravitz
A Plentiful Feast

Jodeb’s Musicbed Playlist

Looking for musical inspiration for your next treatment? Need to place a song to finish your edit? Take a few minutes to listen to this playlist, personally curated by Jodeb himself.

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’MAKE’ serves as an examination of the inner workings of artistic minds that explores what drives us to make something new, something better, something different. In the process, it breaks down the myth of creative success and hones in on what it truly means to live as an artist.