Musicbed Awards: November’s Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

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Official Selections: Advertisement

Mercedes-Benz | “I Am Mercedes” Anthem*

Featured Musicbed Music
“Feeling Good (Instrumental)” by Bobby Saint

Nike Jordan | Welcome, Paolo

Produced by Blue Ox Films

We sought after music tracks that immediately put you inside the tavern. We mixed the music like it was coming from a jukebox inside. We wanted the tracks to feel soulful and connected to not only the legacy of the Jordan brand but that legacy of Jordan Brand legend, Howard White.” — Matt Wilcox, Director

Featured Musicbed Music
“Juanita” by Genie Brooks
“Big City Blues” by Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson


Director: Matt Wilcox
DP: Zach Osterhout
Production Company: Blue Ox Films
Client: Jordan Brand
Talent: Howard White & Paolo Banchero
Executive Producer: Taylor Kavanaugh
Writer: Michael Bishop
Producer: Erin Galey
1st AC: Jared Rodgers
2nd AC: Connor Kelsey
Production Manager: Jeff Janoff
Gaffer: Eric Bixler
Best Boy Electric: Chris Pirkiss
G&E Swing: Makana LaBoy
Key Grip: Joe Timko
Best Boy Grip: Clay Malecka
Sound: Jebari Dean
Barber: Dionte Allen
H&M: Kimberly Briggs
Art Director: Ron Skrasek
PA: Sarah Ammons
PA: Saylor Siegner
Editor: Cam Good
Editor: Matt Wilcox
VFX Roto: Paul Desilva
Sound Mix: Jebari Dean
Color: Faith Millin

Official Selections: Documentary

Jon Chiang | The Mime

Produced by Chifa Studios

I knew I wanted the piece to feel dynamic and help underscore the emotion behind Yayoi’s words. I was searching for strings and piano and “Nocturne in Paris” felt like it fit perfectly for the emotional high I wanted to end the film with – just enough without being over the top. I decided to bring in “Lux” at the beginning to set the tone with a track that drew me in and would draw the audience into Yayoi’s story. It has a really beautiful pull.” – Jon Chiang

Featured Musicbed Music

“Lux” by Ryan Taubert
“Nocturne in Paris” by Tony Anderson


Featuring: Yayoi Hirano
Producer: Chifa Studios
Director: Jon Chiang
Cinematographer: Peter Planta
Colourist: Dave Tomniak / Elemental Post 
Re-recording Mixer: Adam Johnson
Film Processing: MELS Studios, filmHOUSE
Special Thanks: Terrance Azzulo, CineworksVan, Neil Colango

Official Selections: Experimental

A Sense of Scale | Reminiscence*

Directed by Roman de Giuli

The biggest challenge for me was to find the perfect timing of ink flow with my motion control setup and to adjust the paints to an exact consistency to achieve that.” – Roman de Giuli

Featured Musicbed Music
“Infinite” by Tony Anderson


Director/Creator: Roman de Giuli

Official Selections: Narrative

I Can Do That*

Produced by The Fold

We have been huge Darren King fans for a while. We all listened to his band Mutemath in high school and have followed his career since leaving the band. His energy and feel on the drums is unparalleled. We were super excited when we found out Darren was even willing to entertain the idea of working with us on this spot and he lived up to every expectation.” – Benji Allred

Featured Musicbed Music

“I Can Do That” Original Score by DK the Drummer


Production Company: The Fold
Director: Benji Allred
DP: @sp.goff
Executive Producer: Filmsupply
Producers: Merik Richardson + Christian Darais
G&E: Kato Wong + Trenton Michael
Editors: Aaron Tharp + Andy Matthews
Assistant Editor: Austin Berenyi
Original Score: DK the Drummer, Musicbed
Sound Design: Christian Darais
Colorist: Benji Allred
Cast: Clément Zannini + Johanna Van Aken + Sister Madonna Buder

Official Selections: Travel/Lifestyle

Just Start

Created by Kyle Dijamco

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome is nothing unique but rather common to all filmmakers. I had both the luxury, but also the crutch to be a one-man band for this film. I did the creative, production, and post-production all by myself. Starting this film 4 days before the release date made, time and shot planning was the biggest obstacle. This was a guerrilla-style filmmaking shoot so traveling across multiple LA locations in a day became exhausting. I ended up not even using one location because it didn’t fit with the story, so that half day become a waste but a great learning experience that not everything always goes to plan.” – Kyle Dijamco

Featured Musicbed Music

“About Us” by GÅEL
“Starry Night” by Jordan Critz
“Awakening” by Blake Ewing


Director: Kyle Dijamco

Official Selections: Wedding Film

Cuong & Nia: Our Santorini Wedding

Directed by Magic Videography

Featured Musicbed Music

“Winter” and “April” by Duomo


Director: Magic Videography

Quinn & Brianne

Directed by Revenir Films

Featured Musicbed Music

“Dolphin Romance” by Why We Wander
“Feel Alive” by The Light The Heat


Videographer: Jonathan Bryan
Videographer: Jared Cicchelli
Editor: Jonathan Bryan
Made by: Revenir Films

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