Musicbed Awards: Summer Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

Musicbed Awards exists to recognize and honor creative breakthrough moments. We’re now announcing new Official Selections every quarter and sharing these standout submissions with our creative audience around the world. These Official Selections then move forward to the annual Musicbed Awards event this fall for a chance to win a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Musicbed Award.

Without further adieu, here are the summer selections—work that exemplifies the unforgettable moments that can happen when the right music and footage meet.

Check the latest round below and submit your work from this year to Musicbed Awards at today. Be on the lookout for our next announcement this fall.

Official Selections: Advertisement

Lamborghini | Lamborghini Revuelto – From Now On*

Produced by KarenTM

“The schedule was very challenging, especially considering the amount of post-production shots. Security—the car was super top secret—and budget too, because there were a lot of instances to be taken into consideration to get the project done.” – Director Alessandro Naboni

Featured Musicbed Music

Bayt Lahm” by Ryan Taubert


Clients: Maurizio Pietro Grande and Violetta Galia @violettavio
Agency: Beyond the line @beyondtheline_agency | Le Dictateur @ledictateurstudio
Creative Directors: Alessandro Borgni, Federico Pepe @federico_pepe76
Account: Roberta Alberti @robertalberti

Production Company: Karen Film @film.karen
Director: Alessandro Pacciani @alessandropacciani
Executive Producer: Tommaso Pellicci @tom.furs
Producer: Alessandro Naboni @emmepunto__
Jr. Producer: Camilla Sangermani @cami.sanger
Director of Photography: MacGregor
Production Designer: Cesar Martinez Edo @cesaresedo
Stylist: Cristina Urso @crisurso
Casting Director: Esther Cocero @esthercocero
Production Service (Spain): Vivi Film @vivifilmproductions
Service Line Producer: Carlos Soms @carlos_soms
Service Production Manager: Sergi Hernandez @sergeihh
Editor: Marco Battiloro @marcobattiloro_editor
Cut-Down Editor: Filippo Lorenzi @filippolorenzi_editor
Post Production: Platige Image @platigeimage
Exec. Producer: Arthur Zicz
Producer: Wojciech Wesołowski
VFX Supervisor: Łukasz Dziedziński
On-Set VFX Supervisor: Piotr Borowski
Color Grading: Mikael Balle @mikaelballe @chemistry_film through @storyline_colour
Sound Design & Mix: Source Sound Inc.
Supervising Sound Design & Mix: Charles Deenen
Sound Designer: James Evans, Dominik Ragančík
Sound Editor: Matt Severin, Nick Spadlin
Senior Sound Producer: Daniel Lepervanche

Official Selections: Branded Content for National Geographic | V/Speed*

“The biggest obstacle was striking the right balance between brand messaging and storytelling. With an abundance of captivating content, it was hard to cut things down, but it was important to ensure that the final piece effectively communicated V/Speed’s unique workflow story.” – Editor Sandra Lucille

Featured Musicbed Music

“Aero” by Ryan Taubert
“Esports & Me” by Cossy
“Fixation” by Pendulum Theory
“Liberate” by Roary
“Static” by Duomo

Director: @vincentmasciale
Executive Producer: @beccadoby
Line Producer: @devinpdas
Production Coordinator: @meg_squaredDP: @arooney
A-Cam 1st AC: @gabe_twigg
B-Cam 1st AC: @candace_of_chiaroscuro
2nd AC/DIT: @julie.nhem
Crane Operator: @bryanfletchall
Crane Tech: Rob Stone
Wheels Operator: @arooney
Aerial Photography: @danielmhurstGaffer: @eric.bixler
BBE: @purkiss859
SLT: Jason CampbellKey Grip: @t0wnbiz
BBG: Kim Seidel
Grip: Joe Vitellaro
Swing: Dan Goeppner
Location Sound: @dickydahl_is_soundhammer
BTS Photographer: Michael Ingram Support: @fesssju, JJ, Lisa McNamara
PAs: Austin Carrero, Owen Kelley, @aliyahseidel
Editors:, @skatz_media
Color: @nick_lareau
GFX: Team
Producer: @mikesaysfly
Pilot: @flanman34
Aerial DP: @greg_wilson_dp
Meteorologist: @jpicca11
Shotover Tech: @kevin_denning
Plane Rigging: @_grayson_b

Google | Google Pier 57 – Anthem

Edited by Ian Watt

“While the Pier 57 space is truly chocked full of unique textures and palettes, it was still an artistic challenge to capture. The space was still undergoing construction while filming, with parallel delivery timelines, the completion of the space itself, and the film to promote it. By doing post-production end-to-end at BANG!™, the flexibility allowed for the crew to capture with two separate shoots several weeks apart to build an edit framework to craft the narrative, and then quickly implement the new footage of completed spaces into the final edits later, without skipping a beat. – Director/Editor Ian Watt

Featured Musicbed Music

“Lift Off (with Toru)” by Jacuzzi Jefferson
“Breathe In (with Blori)” by Mike Casey
“Three” by Brendan Eder Ensemble
“I’ll Be Fine” by Marvin Brooks
“Four” by Brendan Eder Ensemble


Agency: Stink Studios
Production Company: Alien Productions
Director: Jack Foster
Director of Photography: Anthony Carella
Editor: Ian Watt at BANG!™
Producers: Allison Eng, Jessica Hong
Post Producer: Julieta Capparelli
Color & Sound Mix: BANG!™
Photographer: Catalina Kulczar Marin

Official Selections: Documentary

The Diver*

A Trust Film Directed by Anderson Wright

Featured Musicbed Music

“ÉCLATER” by Skyler Lawson
“1:57 AM” by Hotel Neon
“We Aren’t Scared Now” by Dustin Lau

Director: Anderson Wright (@andersonwright)
Executive Producer: Trust (@madewithtrust)
Producer: Vesta Tuckute (@vestatuckute)
Local Producer: Airi Yamawaki (@airi.okam.yam) / Mt. Melvil (@mtmelvil)
Director of Photography: Christopher Lew (@christopher_lew)
1st AC: Kitagawa Shun (@shunshun1312)
Underwater Cam Op: Masahiko Sakata (@masahiko_sakata_)
PA: Akari Yoshida
Diving Instructor: Masayoshi Takahashi
Research/Translator: Akiko White (@katakiko)
Editor: Matt Schaff (@thekidmatt)
Sound Design: Christian Stropko (@cstropko)
Colorist: David Tomiak (@davidtomiakcolour)

SFMOMA | Duct Tape and Dreams

Directed by Ian Watt and RJ Kosineski
Produced by BANG!™

“Uncle Skeleton’s incredible sonic landscape perfectly captured the quirky and passionate display of community, art, and pure joy of the Soapbox Derby. In a way, it telegraphed the still-present thriving underground scene in an otherwise tech-overthrown San Francisco—weird, yet beautiful!” – Director Ian Watt

Featured Musicbed Music

“Red Cloud” by Uncle Skeleton
“Pet Island III” by Uncle Skeleton
“Casey Pierce” by Uncle Skeleton
“Blue and Gold” by Uncle Skeleton
“Autumn Leaves” by Uncle Skeleton
“Handy Look” by Uncle Skeleton
“Those Days” by Uncle Skeleton
“Go On” by Cherokee Death Cats


Co-Director, Editor, Camera Operator: Ian Watt
Co-Director: RJ Kosineski
Director of Content: Jessica Hong
Head of Production: Sean Quinn
Director of Photography: Jan Reichle
Producer: Becky Wells
2nd Cam Op: Will Nail
1st AC: Sasha Green
Gaffer: Lawrence Ma
Sound: Seth Peterson
PAs: Rylee Blechman, Lillian Rosas, Jenni Hinckley
Graphic Designer: Kevin Yoon

Official Selections: Narrative


Directed by Zach Ramelan

“Clementine was a film heavily reliant on VFX and voice-over; the movie’s co-star is AI-projected throughout the entire home that was applied in post. Since we didn’t have those assets on set, I, the crew, and our fearless lead actor Jacqueline Dos Santos had to pretend an AI virtual character was present in almost every scene and make it feel authentic. It blew my mind to see how seamlessly our pretending worked in the final cut. I’ve never done a film with so much VFX before, and our ambition paid off. Big shout out to our VFX team Genisis Rivas and Luma Pixels.” – Director Zach Ramelan

Featured Musicbed Music

“These Arms You Push Away” by Hank Locklin
“The Saints” by Big Al Downing


Producers: Anna Jane Edmonds, Gina Simone, Jacquline Dos Santos
Writer & Executive Producer: Neal Schneider
Director & Editor: Zach Ramelan
Director of Photography: Nik Pilecki
1st AC: Haad Bakshi
Key Grip: David Barrett
Sound: Carter Buckman
Wardrobe: Fay Fan
Production Designer: Vince Moskowec
Makeup: Megan Fraser
PA/BTS: Ryan George
Colour House: @alteregopost
Colourists: Graham @just_aross @coloristjames
Colour Production: Genna McAuliffe
Colour Assistant: Malini Khotsiphom
Post Sound: Joshua Hemming
VFX: Genisis Rivas
Score: Chromosomes Music

Official Selections: Travel/Lifestyle

How to explore abandoned places, the tutorial

Created by Okos

“I chose the songs for my project because each one of them had a special significance for the specific moments in the video. I wanted the music to enhance the visuals and create an emotional impact. These songs were selected to evoke different moods and convey specific messages. The musical arrangement aligned with the themes in the video, creating a coherent and meaningful experience. My goal was and always is to captivate the audience and make each moment memorable with the power of music, as for me, it’s always the most important thing in a video.” – Okos

Featured Musicbed Music

“Endure” by David A. Molina
“Bang Bang Boom” by Juliet Roberts
“Kick The Dust” by Ryan Taubert
“Penumbra” by Hannah Parrott
“The Love of Money” by Bradford Nyght
“A World of Our Own feat. Red Licorice” by Judah Earl



Official Selections: Wedding

Elle and Ben

Created by LIVEMORE

“These songs fit the style of the epic landscapes and amazing vive and personal vows.” – Evan Lanier from LIVEMORE

Featured Musicbed Music

“Urambona” by Judah Earl
“This Is The Beginning (With Oohs & Ahhs) – Instrumental” by Ely Eira
“Wehre Direh (Reprise) [No Oohs & Ahhs] – Instrumental” by Judah Earl
“One Precious Moment” by Ryan Taubert
“Urambona – Instrumental” by Judah Earl



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