Our Short-Film Competition Musicbed Challenge Is Back

We’re all about creative constraints. In fact, we’ve explored the topic several times in blog posts and conversations with filmmakers, the idea that limitations can spark something in our creative brains to step up and take a challenge. But, even further than that, our constraints aren’t just a good exercise in creativity — sometimes they’re the entire reason to create. That’s why we’re excited to announce our first-ever Musicbed Challenge.

At Musicbed, we believe pairing the right music with the right moving picture can create a moment that changes everything. That belief lives at the heart of Musicbed Challenge, our annual filmmaking competition designed to push filmmakers like you toward powerful creative breakthrough experiences. This year, participants will be competing for their part of a prize pool valued at over $100K.

Filmmakers will have just 30 days to submit a film that fits into one of these categories: Narrative, Spec Ad, or Documentary. Submissions must include music from a pre-selected Musicbed playlist. Everything else you need to know about the competition can be found in the free Musicbed Challenge Starter Kit.

The Judges

This year’s judges are simply some of the best and brightest in the business—a genuine who’s who of filmmaking talent. They’ll be scoring submissions based on the following criteria: craft, song use, storytelling, and creativity.

The Prizes

As we mentioned before, this year’s winners—Best Narrative, Best Spec Ad, Best Documentary, and People’s Choice—will split over $100K in film grants, high-end filmmaking tools, and creative assets. Here’s what’s on the line.

Per Category—Narrative, Spec Ad, and Documentary

People’s Choice

Ready to rise to the challenge? Submissions open April 12 and close on May 10. Download the Starter Kit now, and show the world what you’re made of—you just might win big. Good luck!