Luke Berg’s Cinematic Exploration of Global Diversity

Through his captivating films, Luke Berg invites viewers to immerse themselves in the everyday lives of people from diverse corners of the world.

Filmmaker Luke Berg

When he’s not working with brands like Lumix, Sony, DJI, and others, editor/director Luke Berg is highlighting cultures from all over the world with his captivating films. Read his interview below to hear more about what sparked his interest in filmmaking, how he overcomes creative hurdles, and how he always finds the right music on Musicbed.

Musicbed: What sparked your passion for filmmaking/storytelling? 

Luke Berg: When I was younger I always enjoyed watching National Geographic documentaries and learning about different cultures around the world. These films broadened my perspective on life and impacted me in a positive way. Those films are what sparked my interest in filmmaking and storytelling. I wanted to create my own videos about cultures around the world and spread a positive impact to others through my content. 

What keeps you motivated and creatively inspired? 

My biggest source of inspiration comes from those who I surround myself with. I found that surrounding yourself with likeminded creators open unique perspectives to new video ideas. You become the people you surround yourself with. I also find inspiration by watching other filmmakers on social media and YouTube.

What makes a story visually appealing? What role does music play in storytelling?  

There are many aspects that make a story visually appealing but to name a few key elements I would say color grading, music, and sound effects. Filming and composition are also big aspects but music is what creates the feeling when watching a video. 

What elements do you think are essential for crafting a compelling story? 

Crafting a meaningful story is all about being relatable. People will take much more value from a film if they can relate to it. This draws in emotion to the viewer and allows them to relate themselves or someone they know to the characters within the film. 

How important is music in your work? 

Music is very important. A great song is what separates a good film from a great film. In my opinion you could have a perfect film but if the music doesn’t match or make sense, it automatically makes the film less engaging.   

Luke Berg flying drone on beach

What advice would you give other filmmakers/creators who are just starting their careers? 

The biggest piece of advice I have for filmmakers starting their careers is to create spec work and grow your portfolio. When I started out, I used every opportunity I had to create content for free. Whether it was a highschool football game, senior portraits, or going on a family vacation. Building a portfolio will grow your talent as a filmmaker and eventually lead you to paid gigs. Create films for free and build your portfolio and skillset. I never made a single penny the first two years I started off, but I inherited my own style which is the reason I can call myself a full-time filmmaker. Another piece of advice is to take advantage of YouTube. There are thousands of free videos out there that teach you how to become a great filmmaker. Start to apply those tips into your own work and become familiar with your gear.  

How do you find the balance between pushing boundaries creatively and delivering what your client wants or audience wants to see? 

This is a very tough thing to balance especially with the feeling of having to create for your followers and make content for them and not yourself just to grow. In order to balance these things I have been working with companies that allow me to create my own filmmaking style and grow with them. This comes with posting on social media as well. Create the art that you want to create, eventually the right people will come and you will have an audience that likes you for your work rather than creating specifically for the algorithm. If you find yourself in a creative drought and only creating client work, it’s okay to take a step back and give yourself time to create your passion projects. 

What is the most challenging aspect of being a filmmaker/creative? 

The most challenging aspect of being a filmmaker for me is having to wear all of the hats in a production company. Meaning, I’m not just a filmmaker. I have to write business pitches, reply to emails, hop on calls, manage my social media, etc. Finding balance within all of those areas has been hard. Another challenging area has been creative droughts, when all you want to do is create high quality content but no ideas come to mind and you find yourself comparing your work to everyone else’s. 

Luke Berg filming in jungle

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on? 

My favorite project I worked on was when I ran a group trip to the Maldives. This was a very inspiring moment for me, bringing several like minded creators to a tiny island in the Maldives to shoot video and grow as filmmakers. While we were out there everyone was growing and gaining experience which made me very happy. My second favorite project was a documentary I filmed of our Tour Guide Maffaz. I was able to showcase his lifestyle and share it with the world along with spreading awareness about tourism.

How do you search for music on Musicbed? What are some tips that you’d give other filmmakers to search on Musicbed? 

A useful tip I would spread to other Musicbed users is to go under the Playlists tab and select Filmmakers. I have found countless songs under some of my favorite filmmakers which I will use in the future. I found this to be a quick and easy way to find good songs. 

Why do you utilize Musicbed in your work? 

I utilize Musicbed in my work because I do a lot of client projects. Musicbed makes it easy to not have to deal with running into music licensing issues down the road. They also have a very diverse range of music so you’ll never run out of songs to use. 

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