Dark Rooms

Fronted by Daniel Hart and based in Dallas, TX, Dark Rooms’ music is tinged by sharp melodies and layered textures. Oftentimes the central tone of the arrangement is hidden, but emerges with bright vocals and rhythmic, rising harmonies until, just like that, it’s taken away. The band’s ‘Beyond the Lens’ built slowly from the start in the Musicbed studio, and Hart closed his eyes, gesturing with his hands for something in the air. It was truly inspiring to see such a unique song gradually build into something tangible. The band wasn’t in a hurry with their performance and spent every bit of energy to make the journey all the more memorable.


Musicbed Sessions is a cinematic video series that intimately captures artists live in concert and offer a professionally produced, one-of-a-kind experience designed to showcase the talent, quality, and depth of the Musicbed roster. Musicbed Sessions are made possible through contributions from RØDE, Presonus, Blackmagic and Guitar Center.