10 Twitter Accounts for Filmmakers to Follow

There’s a pretty compelling argument for filmmakers to be on social media in general. By nature, our craft is a social, collaborative, visual, and always changing—and that’s a pretty accurate description of Twitter.

Twitter accounts filmmakers should follow

There’s a pretty compelling argument for filmmakers to be on social media today. By nature, our craft is a social, collaborative, visual, and always changing—and that’s a pretty accurate description of Twitter. The platform is seemingly built for quick takeaways and immediate inspiration.

And yes, Twitter can get a bad rap sometimes. It can serve as a sounding board for some of humanity’s worst tendencies/opinions/impulses, but if used correctly it can be a powerful tool. 

For filmmakers, this is especially true.

Unlike other more visually-oriented social media platforms, Twitter is designed around the flow of information. So, no matter what step you’re at in your film production or career, there’s probably someone saying something that you need to hear. The trick is to silence the rest of the noise, and that’s why we’re here to help. 

There are thousands of Twitter accounts for filmmakers, but here are just a few that may be able to help inspire, inform, and entertain your #filmlife. Some are not necessarily only Twitter accounts and might be a gateway into their blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. 

Here are 10 Twitter accounts for filmmakers to follow, in no particular order.


Reconsidering Cinema 

The name says it all on this one. There’s something to be said about revisiting things you’re familiar with, and Reconsidering Cinema is all about that. Technically a blog, which is also great, this account shares movie clips, quotes, interviews, and observations from some of the most well-known films out there—and some hidden gems as well. If you’re a cinephile or just someone looking to learn something new about film, this is a great place to start.  


Eyes On Cinema 

Beyond having a pretty incredible YouTube Channel, Eyes On Cinema carries over the greatness to their Twitter account. We’re not exactly sure where they find all of these awesome clips, but they range from interviews with famed directors and writers, to historic film-related clips, and bizarre Nic Cage commercials from the early ‘90s. It may soak up more time than you meant to spend on Twitter, but there are much worse ways to spend your time. 

Reed Morano, A.S.C. 

We’ve had the opportunity to speak with Reed Morano A.S.C a few times throughout her career, and she always has a thoughtful and interesting take on ‘making it’ in film. At this point, she’s well on her way, though, and if you’re interested in following the trajectory of a rising star then she’s a great follow on Twitter. Her visionary work for The Handmaid’s Tale, Meadowland, and much more paved the way for her directorial career.

One Perfect Shot 

Films are a visual medium, so it makes sense to think about them visually from time to time, right? That’s exactly what One Perfect Shot is doing through their account. They’re directly connected to Film School Rejects, with posts linking to the site for reviews/breakdowns, which adds an extra layer of depth as well. But, we think One Perfect Shot is great for its intended purpose—a momentary splash of inspiration for your day, and a great reminder of the beauty you can find in almost every film. 

Ava Duvernay

It’s easy to get lost in the political black hole of Twitter. We don’t have to tell you there’s plenty of negativity on all sides of the spectrum, which is why Director Ava Duvernay’s account is so essential. She’s tackling heated issues the right way — by championing causes for all kinds of filmmakers, equal representation, and diversity across the board. Plus, she’s a true lover of films whose career is blowing up, which makes an intriguing follow regardless.


If any account is going to claim to know a thing or two about filmmaking, the British Film Institute is probably a safe bet. Their account is inspirational, educational, and just downright fascinating. Posts range from movie quotes to articles to interviews and so much more. If you’re looking to build the perfect Twitter feed as a filmmaker, this should be one of your first follows.

David F. Sandberg 

Director David F. Sandberg is known for his work on Shazam!, Annabelle Creation, and Lights Out, but he’s becoming (almost) equally as known for being the brutally honest, yet empathetic filmmaker. It’s rare to find someone who’s willing to share their struggles, triumphs, and missteps in a film career, and David does it in a way that’s both down-to-earth and inspirational. On both YouTube and Twitter, his thoughts on ‘making it’ in a film career are can’t-miss.  

Chris Stuckmann

It’s easy to paint film critics as cynical and pretentious, but we also need to remember that they chose their career because they love films. And a critic like Chris Stuchman makes that pretty easy to remember. He’s best known for charmingly unflinching film reviews on his YouTube channel, but is also very active on Twitter as well. He’ll post reviews and interact with followers, but we think his account is just a great reminder of why we love films (and why we love to talk about them). 


Taste of Cinema 

“With great power comes great responsibility.” That quote pops into our head when we think of listicles (meta, we know) because they’re so irresistible, but can be so bad when they aren’t done well. Luckily for us, Taste of Cinema is doing it right. Their account is all ‘Top 10’ lists, but done in a tasteful way that everyone can appreciate. Plus, the sheer specificity of these lists can be captivating, like “The 10 Most Beautiful Western Movies of the 2010s” or “10 Movies Where Adam Sandler is Actually Great.” Does it count as clickbait if it’s good?

Guillermo del Toro 

Guillermo del Toro is awesome. In case that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll say that his Twitter account is a wealth of film knowledge and love for the craft. Essentially, the mind behind The Shape of Water and Pan’s Labyrinth is just a kid at heart—a kid who’s a genius filmmaker with an encyclopedic knowledge of the craft. So, if you’re looking for a Twitter experience that’s equal parts fun, inspiring, and educational, go follow Guillermo.


So, there you have it. Go follow each of us these accounts and your #filmTwitter experience will be better off for it. But, one last reminder. Twitter and other social media platforms at their best should be used as a tool, nothing more. So, use them and be sure they don’t use you. Go find inspiration, find information, find some entertainment, then log out and get back to creating in the real world.