Meet Our Elite Roster of Custom Music Composers and Producers.

Every composer brings something different to the table — their own style, experience, taste, and talent. Our Custom Music roster has some of the most well-respected names in the film and advertising industry for a good reason — they’re making music that’s unique to themselves.

Every composer brings something different to the table — their own style, experience, taste, and talent. Our Custom Music roster has some of the most well-respected names in the film and advertising industry for a good reason — they’re making music that’s unique to themselves.

And that brings us to the fun part. Every name on this roster has a wealth of experience in composing and producing. Regardless of who you select, the finished product is going to be incredible. But, by hand picking your composer or producer, you get the opportunity to use their talents and tendencies to your advantage and bring out the best in your sound. That’s why it’s important to know a little bit about them.

So, without further ado, meet our elite team of Custom Music composers and producers — each equally talented, each equally unique.


As a composer and self-described “sonic architect”, Tony Anderson’s work is nothing short of stirring, intricately weaving subtle textures and epic builds. His style is uplifting and unabashedly big, with the ability to move an audience and take a moment straight into the atmosphere. He’s scored projects for brands like Canon, Tesla, and BMW, as well as numerous narrative projects.


Composer Benjamin Gustafsson’s beautiful work reflects his surroundings. In 2015, he returned to the countrysides of his native homeland in Sweden to absorb and reflect the picturesque landscape. The result is a minimal, yet heartachingly touching style that’s been used by brands including McDonalds, Dove, Unilever, and more.


Every one of composer Dustin Lau’s instrumentals is rooted in story, incorporating the viewer and giving them the ability to relate to a film. His diverse skill set culminates in an eclectic style, drawing on time-tested classical styles and incorporating elements of world music and experimental genres, which he’s applied to numerous narrative scores.


Pianist and composer Chad Lawson began in the jazz realm, eventually evolving his career into the luminary work he’s producing today, incorporating elements of straight classical compositions as well as experimental with touches of ambient styles. His work has reached #1 on the Billboard Classical charts, been featured on NPR and CBS, and has been used by Chevrolet, IBM, Microsoft, and many others.


Composer Ryan Taubert specializes in booming, atmospheric soundtracks that have taken dozens of commercial and narrative projects to the next level, including work with McLaren, Everlast, Acura and film collaborations on Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Out of the Furnace, Score, and more. Whether through an epic score or intricate instrumental, Ryan’s work never fails to take you on a journey.


(Midnight RiotKaleigh Baker)

Justin Beckler is a multi-talented and visionary producer who’s worked with acts including Midnight Riot and Kaleigh Baker. His work has a signature, high-energy sound, incorporating elements of blues, rock, soul, and jazz for an explosive, unignorable effect.



Joshua Crispin’s work is as diverse as his growing portfolio, drawing from influences including classical, electronic, and experimental for a one-of-a-kind sound. It has a tinge of epic to it, playing with tension and subtle sounds to create a truly immersive environment. His music has been used to promote dozens of major motion pictures including Doctor Strange, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Captain America: Civil War.


(SVVNSecret NationDe Joie)

Producer Jeremiah Dunlap can navigate between genres and styles at the drop of a hat, collaborating on projects with De Joie and Secret Nation, then creating his more cinematic work under the moniker SVVN. His style, lyrical or not, is conceptual and catchy, immediately able to communicate a vibe and message to whoever’s listening.


(UTAHYoung Collective)

Producers Zane Callister and Jared Logan as the essence of creative collaboration, effortlessly able to jump between genres and create new sounds. Their work is modern and sleek, blending elements of hip-hop, electronic, experimental, and more. The sounds and vibes they create are instantly relatable and universally infectious.


(Jordan CritzTim HalperinNative 51)

Composer Jordan Critz has moved far past his classical roots to a new realm in his career. Less confined by genre and more driven by the project at hand, his style is part neoclassical, part cinematic, with small hints of post-rock. He’s collaborated with Disney, National Geographic, Apple, Microsoft, and on numerous narrative projects.


Blake Ewing’s compositions are the epitome of cinematic, which is to say they communicate an idea, emotion, or atmosphere through powerful orchestrations. Whether it’s a sweeping melody or modern, experimental sound, he has the unique ability to capitalize on a project’s story and draw the viewer in. Just a few of the dozens of clients he’s worked with include GE, BBDO, ESPN, and Adobe.


Blending modern and classical overtones, composer Steven Gutheinz has a intricate, detail-oriented style. Based out of L.A., he’s composed works for Sundance-winning short films, narrative features for MGM and Sony Screen Gems, and commercial work for clients including Google, Audi, Kellogg’s, and more.


L.A. composer Chris Coleman’s modern instrumentations take a decidedly atmospheric approach, able to create an immersive environment paired with sweeping melodies and booming sounds. His work has contributed to numerous narrative and commercial projects, including the International Justice Mission.


Dallas-based composer Bradford Nyght is a jack-of-all-trades musician, able to adapt his wealth of talent to match the task at hand. His instrumentals range from modern, synth-based cinematics to classically oriented scores. He’s scored projects for clients including American Express, Tesla, AirBNB, and many more.


Specializing in award-winning narrative and documentary scores, Canadian composer Max LL is a truly creative artist, able to create truly unique soundscapes. His work skillfully blends piano, guitars, lush string arrangements, ethnic instruments, and found sounds he collects around the world. It has garnered recognition worldwide through his scores and has been performed by Montreal’s Metropolitan Orchestra.