Cinematographer Kitty Peters

Exploring the Power of Visual Storytelling and Music in Film with Kitty Peters

Kitty Peters shares her process of shaping immersive narratives and leveraging the force of music to enrich her storytelling.
Filmmaker Ryan Kao

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Filmmaker Jacques Crafford

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Filmmaker AKThaWicked

AKThaWicked: Crafting Compelling Stories with Visual Brilliance and Musicbed Magic.

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Cinematographer Gian Carlo Stigliano

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Carlo Stigliano is a cinematographer and DP known for blending his visual taste with diverse musical choices.
Cinematographer Drew J. Pond

Mastering Unforgettable Wedding Films with Award-Winning Cinematographer Drew J. Pond

Award-winning wedding filmmaker, Drew J. Pond understands better than anyone how to craft unique, beautifully intense, cinematic wedding films.

10 Tips from Oscar-Nominated (and Winning) Filmmakers

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A New Lens for Netflix’s Mank with Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt, ASC

It’s long been debated whether Shakespeare actually authored all of his acclaimed writings or if, instead, Christopher Marlowe was responsible…