Announcing Our First Official Selections for Musicbed Awards

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

musicbed awards official selections

We believe pairing the right music with the moving picture can create a moment that changes everything. Musicbed Awards is our way to recognize and honor these breakthrough moments by showcasing them alongside the industry’s top creative talent.

Each month new Official Selections will be chosen and shared with Musicbed’s creative audience around the globe. All Official Selections advance to February’s Musicbed Awards show for a chance to win a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Musicbed Award.

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Now, without further ado—this month’s Official Selections.

Official Selections: Advertisement

Amazon Prime | The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power (Official Trailer)*

Featured Musicbed Music
“Breath” by Ex Makina

MOMOLINE | Campaign Ad

Produced by Klever Creatives

I was looking for something funky and upbeat that would contrast the seriousness of the world of labs and science. “Do Your Thing” has that immediate and advancing pulse that just makes you want to dance. I connected to the music’s vibrant qualities and felt it suitable as our hero brings life to people through the help of tests and science.” – Kristian Lever

Featured Musicbed Music
Do Your Thing” by Red Parker


Production: Klever Creatives 
Writer and Director: Kristian Lever
Producer: Kristian Lever and Fabrizio Merciai
Director of Photography: Iikka Salminen 
Lead Talent: Rachel McNamee
Choreography: Kristian Lever and Rachel McNamee
1st Assistant Camera: Gennaro Visciano
2nd Assistant Camera: Maria Mölsä
Makeup & Hair: Emanuel Perisano
Wardrobe: Ciro Napolitano
Editor: Kristian Lever
Assistant Editor: Egle Trento
Supervising Sound Editor/Mixer: Marco Saitta
Colourist: Paolo Verrucci
VFX: Valerio Vittori

NIKE | Josh Jacobs*

Directed by Wesley Walker

Featured Musicbed Music
Custom Score by Luke Atencio


Director: Wes Walker
Producer: Tay Hawes
DP: Chris Naum
Edit: Rex K-H, Chris Naum
Color: Kath Raisch, Company 3
Sound Design/Mix: Eric Marks, Transported Audio
1st AC: Traiana Nescheva⁣
2nd AC: Shun Otsubo
Gaffer: Richard Seaman
Production: Jon Dailey, Brandon Bacquie

Official Selections: Documentary

Heaven Is On My Side

Directed by Marco Espirito Santo

“Ryan Taubert tends to have that amazing quality of feeling epic and timeless while being super contemporary and dynamic at the same time. With this particular song, “Fool”, it also had a slow build that felt very otherworldly in the beginning while slowly dialing up the tension, which is exactly what Nazaré feels like on big-wave days.” – Marco Espirito Santo

Featured Musicbed Music
“Fool” by Ryan Taubert


Featuring: João “Massas” de Macedo
Director/Producer/Editor: Marco Espirito Santo
Director of Photography: Bruno Mangas
Additional Cinematography: Rodrigo “Rod” Caetano

Like Father Like Son*

Directed by Justin Tyler Close

Featured Musicbed Music
“Burn What’s Next” by Cubby
“Universalis” by Hammock
“Circular As Our Way” by Hammock
“Afraid to Forget” by Hammock
“Distant Shores” by Svvn


Director/Producer: Justin Tyler Close
Executive Producer: Filmsupply
Cinematographer: Jeremy Cox
Editor: Jeff Watterson
Casting: In Search Of
Color: Sam Gilling
Cast: Willy Choi, Kyung Choi, Cipriano Vigil, Cipriano Vigil, Alonzo Vigil, Jerry Forrest, James Forrest, Jay Williams, Anthony Meely, Andre Meely, Ron Bowman, Skip Bowman, Dash, Ace Dash
Music: Musicbed, Cipriano Vigil Family
Sound Design: Eugenio Battaglia

‘Mad’ Honey Hunters in Nepal

Directed by Cory S. Martin

Featured Musicbed Music
“Everyone” by Ryan Taubert
“We Wish It Was Never Light” by Ryan Taubert


Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Cory Martin
Producer: Shanta Nepali Productions

Official Selections: Narrative


Produced by Film Riot

Featured Musicbed Music
“Rorqual Scream” by Aeph
“Seawall” by Aeph
“Malice” by Aeph


Director/Editor: Ryan Connolly
Cinematographer: Daniel Routh
Cast: Josh Connolly, Justin Robinson
1st AC: Ryan Polly
VFX: Ryan Thompson, Joey Deutsch
Sound: Steve Horne
Props: Bill Doran
Production Assistants: Ashley Zomerano, Emily Connolly

Official Selections: Branded Content

Yeti Cycles | Riding Off Cliffs

Directed by Craig Grant

Music selection, for me, is one of the most challenging aspects of any film project. I needed a wide variety of music to drive the action, set the mood, and act as an underlying score. Once I set a foundation, I needed to look at genres of music that tapped into the tastes of the film’s subject, Reed Boggs. I found that Dazy Chain fit the vibes and in-between moments. His tracks served as background music to what they might otherwise listen to while digging and hanging out on those cliffs. For the riding segments that needed more energy, I chose hybrid rap/rock artists like The Seige and Kairo that matched the pacing of the fast-riding and big sends.” – Craig Grant

Featured Musicbed Music
“Haunting A Ghost” by Luke Atencio
“Fortress” by Roary
“Cool” by Dazy Chain
“Animal” by The Seige
“Chasin” by Kairo
“Legend” by Joznez
“We Rise” by Dazy Chain
“I’m Coming For You” by Graffiti Ghosts
“Lambda” Bytheway-May
“System One” by Makeup And Vanity Set
“Take Me Back Home” by Alexander Lewis


Director/DP: Craig Grant
Producer: Bag Carrier Films
Featuring: Reed Boggs
Cinematography: Craig Grant, Wiley Kaupas
Editor: Craig Grant
Post Sound: Keith White Audio
Motion GFX [Design]: Craig Grant
Motion GFX [Animation]: Wiley Kaupas, Craig Grant
Build Crew: Ian Carpenter, Sammy Mercado, Alan Mandel

Le Labo | Memories of Bergamot*

Produced by In Common Films

We wanted to convey the richness and energy of the harvest with the actual sounds and natural melody played in the fields, but then quickly realized that the right music could accent the narration without overpowering the audible atmospheric truth. We originally planned to have a custom track made, yet through the process of editing, we all fell in love with our temp track. Max L.L. played a special role in bringing the piece together with his ability to ground classical instrumentation and his willingness to develop a custom composition for us based on ‘Slow Growth’.” – Deborah Royer

Featured Musicbed Music
“A Lament for Peace” by Ryan Taubert
“Sajama” by Max LL
“Reticent” by Hotel Neon


Creative Director: Deborah Royer
Director/DP: Megan Eleanor Clark
Producer: Kylie Juggert
Editors: Kylie Juggert, Megan Eleanor Clark
Assistant Editor: Carolina Fudala
Sound Design: Chip Sloan
Color: Joe Malina
VFX: Courtland Sherreitt

Official Selections: Travel/Lifestyle

Take Playing Seriously

Directed by Shaffer Nickel

“‘Take Playing Seriously’ needed to teeter between this sort-of dreamy, whimsical atmosphere and a serious melancholy that evokes nostalgia. I’d been listening to the Brendan Eder Ensemble long before I knew Musicbed hosted their work, so I was stoked on the ability to open the video with ‘Pastorale’. The rest of the story orbits the life and work of Fred Rogers, so I chose the remainder of the songs knowing I was aiming to create a transformative version of his show aimed at people my age rather than children. What would the soundtrack to a kid’s show for young adults sound like? Hopefully, it sounds exactly like the music I chose for this project.” – Shaffer Nickel

Featured Musicbed Music
“Pastorale” by Brendan Eder Ensemble

The Perfect Photo*

Directed by Gene Yoon

Featured Musicbed Music
“Imbre” by Jordan Critz


Gene Yoon
Eric Floberg
Steven Schultz
Braxton Wallis

Weekend Routine

Directed by Hakeem James Hausley

Tap above to watch.

“I already had this simple reel idea for awhile but it had always been pushed to the back of my mind as I couldn’t find the right music to compliment it. I started a routine where I would listen to music through Musicbed’s app for a certain period of time each week so that I can draw inspiration from those sessions and think about film ideas or create a library so that I can refer to it for future films.” – Hakeem James Hausley

Featured Musicbed Music
“Way Down in the Congo” by Ike Turner


Director, Editor: Hakeem James Hausley
Talent: Aminath Khuwailath

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