Musicbed’s All-New AI Search Cuts Your Discovery Down To Seconds

Discover the perfect soundtrack faster than ever with Musicbed's groundbreaking AI tools—streamline your search, find similar songs effortlessly, and preview tracks instantly to elevate your filmmaking experience.

AI Search Tools

With Musicbed’s new game-changing AI tools, filmmakers are now finding the right music for their projects faster than ever before.

Musicbed has been releasing an unprecedented amount of new and exclusive music to its collection—more each week than its competitors release in an entire month. And with the platform’s new AI-powered search features, it’s now easier than ever to find the music you’re looking for.

Streamline your search with Musicbed’s new AI search tools

Every filmmaker knows the struggle of searching for hours for the right song—Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly included. “I’ve always found search functions on music sites to be a tad frustrating,” he says. “Musicbed’s AI features are going to completely change the game for me and how I search for the right music.”

Read more about Musicbed’s search tools and hear directly from top filmmakers on how these features save time and help them find exactly what they need for their projects.

Search by song

With the new AI-powered Search by Song, you can now find the perfect fit for your project in record time. Simply search any artist or song in the world to instantly explore hundreds of similar options that you won’t hear anywhere else but Musicbed.

Search by song segment

Musicbed users now can search for similar music specifically by a segment of any song. Simply set in and out points on any song to dynamically shift how Musicbed AI searches for hundreds of similar songs on Musicbed that match the highlighted segment.

Similar songs

This familiar Musicbed feature has been supercharged with the same game-changing Musicbed AI used in the “Search by Song” tool, resulting in a whole new way to streamline your discovery. Click ‘Show Similar’ in the song player or scroll down on any song page to discover hundreds of similar song results. “It can be a great way to find new tracks or artists within that genre to help you find the right song,” says cinematographer/DP Giancarlo Stigliano.

Quick preview

Tired of scanning song waveforms for the perfect build-up or catchy chorus? Musicbed’s new Quick Preview tool takes the time-consuming guesswork off your plate. Simply activate it while searching, and it will instantly jump to the heart of each song. Plus, use keyboard shortcuts like the down arrow to speed through your search results even faster.

Make the switch to your most inspired work

Once you combine these new tools and updated search filters with keyboard shortcuts, finding the right music for your projects has never been faster. Experience an easier music discovery for yourself—start your risk-free 14-day trial today.