Just Launched: Musicbed’s New Pricing

When we started Musicbed, our goal was to empower creatives to make their best work. We believe you should have access to great music to bring your vision to life—and it shouldn't come with miles and miles of red tape.

When we started Musicbed, our goal was to empower creatives to make their best work. We believe you should have access to great music to bring your vision to life—and it shouldn’t come with miles and miles of red tape. 

Over the years we’ve made artists like Ben Rector, Judah and The Lion, Chad Lawson, Flagship, and hundreds of others available to creatives around the world. 

At the same time, we’ve heard from many of you that our on-site licensing options can be difficult to understand. While this has been a challenge as we unify hundreds of artists and record labels, we believe we can do better.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the biggest update to our pricing structure—ever

Our Mission

Our goal from day one has always been to make great music accessible to creatives while simplifying the licensing process. When we introduced subscription we made things more simple with four categories: Business, Non-Profit, Wedding, and Individual. Now, we’ve gone back and done the same with our single song pricing*.

Why We Updated Pricing

We have reduced the steps to license by nearly 90% while still protecting the incredible music our artists trust us with. This also makes our licensing categories clearer. Subscription and single song categories are now the same—making things seamless and easy to compare. In addition to reducing the steps to license, we’ve also added Paypal as a payment option for our subscription.

We want to be transparent about these changes. Some single song licenses are now less expensive, while others are more. We looked at data across thousands of licenses to find prices that fit the most people. This was 100% necessary to eliminate hundreds of licensing options and make the entire process more clear and straightforward.

A Heart For Non-Profits

We’re excited to continue to offer special pricing to 501c3 and equivalent organizations. The changes we’ve made to our Non-Profit category drastically simplify our offering. For single song and subscription pricing, we no longer distinguish between Government, School, Church, etc. All Non-Profit organizations now fall under the same category. All non-profits also get a discount on business licenses at checkout when they give us their EIN.

Make Their Big Day Memorable

Since the day we launched Musicbed, the wedding community has been passionate and loyal. We’re so thankful for that community, so we want to be upfront and transparent about the change we’ve made. As we look to the future and work to sign more incredible musicians, we have increased our wedding license from $59 to $69. This will allow us to continue to support our artists while working to make even bigger artists available for wedding films.

More For Individual Filmmakers

The biggest change we’ve made is simplifying things for individual filmmakers. The main question now is: are you doing client work? If you need coverage for client work, pricing starts at $99.99/month. If you don’t need coverage for client work, pricing starts at $29.99/month. Check out our new simplified pricing here.

Empowering Creatives

Again, our goal in making these changes is to make the licensing process more streamlined, more simpleand more transparent. The icing on the cake is that our new pricing structure helps us maintain existing relationships and revenue splits with our artists. We don’t take more than our musician’s share on licenses, and our artists maintain the rights to their music. We believe when artists work is valued, everybody wins.

If you have specific questions about our new pricing, check out our FAQs or drop us a line (email support@musicbed.com with the subject line: Price Update)

*The above pricing is valid in 2024.