Musicbed Awards: December Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

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Canyon | Ultimate (Director’s Cut)*

Directed by Harrison Mendel

“Andrew [Judah] has been a vital collaborator for me with almost every project I take on. It was a no-brainer for this one, I knew he would willing to go back and forth with me through multiple revisions, and that’s exactly what we did. I think we have developed a great working relationship where I can give him notes and ideas but also trust him to put his touch on the project.” —Harrison Mendel

Featured Musicbed Music

Custom score by Andrew Judah


Director / DP
: Harrison Mendel 
Creative Director: Ultan Coyle 
Producer: Kimberly English 
1st AC: Noah Dorsey
Specialty Camera: Mighty Sky
Drone Pilot / Gimbal Op: Alex Rees 
Drone Payload Op: Chris Allan 
Tracking 1st AC: Sam Olly 
Precision Driver: Ian Clarke 
Cinebike Pilot: LLewelyn Pavey
PA: Ewan Thacker 
Athletes: Liam Yates, Llori Sharpe
Editor: David Peacock 
Score: Andrew Judah 
Colour: Sam Gilling
Sound Design and Mix: Keith White 

Marnics Mobile | Escape to Marnics

Produced by Westfort Productions

“The most gratifying part of this project was working with my 93-year-old grandfather. Before this, he had zero experience on camera. When I told him we would have a body double for the truck scene, he looked at me and asked: ‘What makes you think I can’t do my own stunts?’ So yeah, that’s him riding in the box of a truck.” —Matt Popowich

Featured Musicbed Music

Lose My Mind by Andrew Judah


Director / Cinematographer / Editor
: Matt Popowich
Producer: Bryan Popowich
Sound Designer / Mixer: Jordan Wiberg
Talent: Jerry Courtney & Maeghan Tofinetti

Official Selections: Branded Content

KCRW | Listen (Director’s Cut)*

Directed by Anderson Wright

Featured Musicbed Music

To the End by Young Collective
Feelin’ It – Instrumental by Sincerely Collins
curfew (with Soren Bryce, juniorodeo, & Kevin Kuh) by Jacuzzi Jefferson


Director & Writer
: Anderson Wright
Executive Producer: Trust
Producer: Alex M. Kennedy
Production Manager: Jason Marrs
Casting Director: Sarah-May Levy
Director of Photography: Gabriel Crawford Connelly
Editor: Sophia Lou
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Sound Designer: Christian Stropko

Official Selections: Experimental Film

Boston Ballet | Memory Palace

Produced by No Frames

“The moment I heard ‘Visible’ by Why We Wonder, I knew I had found the perfect track for Memory Palace. The song felt both fragile and powerful at the same time, and those elements, combined with the song’s gradual build, beautifully complemented the lead character’s internal journey. The song was also a perfect counterbalance to the archival recording of Alan Watts, adding emotional impact to the story while never overpowering his voice.” – Mikko Timonen

Featured Musicbed Music

Visible by Why We Wonder


Production company
: No Frames
Director / Cinematographer: Mikko Timonen
Executive Producer: Erin Judd
Producer: Jeff Brown
Choreographer: Jorma Elo
Camera Operator: Chris Aran
1st AC: Thom Cameron
Gaffer: Andrew Rivara
Key Grip: Chris Wiesehahn
Electrician: Chris Yannaco
Hair & MUA: Maria Palermo 
Production Assistant: Fadi Magdi
Assistant to Choreographer: Anthony Randazzo

Official Selections: Narrative Film

Not Enough*

Directed by Brooks Reynolds

Featured Musicbed Music

Custom Score by Judah Earl


Writer and Director
: Brooks Reynolds
First Assistant Director: Ambrose Wong
Cinematographer: Bryn McCashin
Producer: Jeff So
Produced by: Asymetric, Trust, The Reserve Label
Executive Producers: Evan Landry, Nick Burry, Ryan Slavin
Production Manager: Meika Wagne

Dead to Me

Directed by Braden Bickle

Featured Musicbed Music
Last Goodbye feat. Danica Dora by Eric Kinny


: Braden Bickle
Assistant Director: Chris Dodgen
First AC: Sean Anderson
Key Grip and Jib Opp: Jörg Steins
Remote Ronin Opp: Lucio Lopez
Head PA: Alex Bickle


Killer Mattie: Mattie Lillian Davis
Sarah: Livi Bryant
Robert: Chris Dodgen

Official Selections: Documentary Film

Look Up, Ron*

Directed by Dylan Wineland

“The songs in this film were key to accentuating the deep emotion of the story. However, while I needed melancholy music for the sad parts of the film, I also needed lighthearted music to help balance it out so that it wasn’t just one sad tone the whole way through.” —Dylan Wineland

Featured Musicbed Music

Mirror by Luke Atencio
Young Dreams by Luke Atencio
Wehre Direh Reprise by Judah Earl
Afraid to Forget by Hammock
Wine We Drink (Instrumental) by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Short Story Two by Analog Heart


A Film by
Dylan Wineland
Featuring Ron Heagy, Roni Heagy, & Gracie Heagy
Animations by Hadley Michaels
Color by Jensen Vinca
Support from WZRD Media

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