Musicbed Awards: March Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

musicbed awards selections

Musicbed Awards celebrates stellar work from our community featuring Musicbed music. Standout submissions are recognized as Official Selections and shared with hundreds of thousands.

We’re excited to present this month’s Official Selections—work that exemplifies the unforgettable moments that can happen when the right music and footage meet. Starting in June, we’ll be shifting our Official Selection announcements to a quarterly schedule, so stay tuned for more information on this change.

Check the latest round of Official Selections below and submit your work from this year to Musicbed Awards at today.

Official Selections: Advertisement

Chevrolet | Go Beyond*

Directed by Goh Iromoto

Produced by Steam Films

“‘Lux’—along with many other Taubert tracks—was one of many songs I had compiled in my early treatment phase. Between myself, the creative team, and our editor Chris Murphy, we all knew that an epic sense of scale and gravitas was needed for this story. Ryan’s work bleeds these above qualities, and when I saw the first cut, we all knew it had the power to elevate the feeling we were hoping to express in this spot.” – Goh Iromoto

Featured Musicbed Music

“Lux” by Ryan Taubert


Agency: Commonwealth//McCann
VP/Creative Director: Michael Katzikowski
Copywriter: Sean Pitre 
Art Director: Vu Song Vu 
Agency Producer: Rosanna Rassat 
Cast: Celeste Wall, Jack Austin
Production: Steam Films
Director: Goh Iromoto
EP: Krista Marshall
Line Producer: John Scarth
PM: Sharron Toews
PC: Kyle Sanderson, Erin Tobman
1st AD: Nathan Valente
Cinematographer: Christophe Collette
1st AC: Ian Beer, Dez May
DP (B-Unit): Aaron Nathanson
Key Grip: Jeff Delaney
Gaffer: Paul Connolly
Flighthead: Jason Toth
Helicopter Pilot: Luca Ribetti
Cineplex Op: John Trapman
Phantom Tech: Lanny Bolger
Stunt Coordinator: Chad Cosgrave
Precision Driver: Corry Glass, Peter Bews
FPV Drone Operator: Gabriel Kocher
U-Crane/Drone: Revered Cinema, Derek Heidt, Jason Toth, Brennan Walstrom, Rhyce Langker, Liam Fournier
Casting: Sean Milliken (Vancouver), Jigsaw Casting (Toronto)
Location Manager: Jason Nolan
Production Designer: Peter Kirkegaard
Props Master: Dean Wadella
Special FX: Jason Paradis
Wardrobe Stylist: Jayna Mansbridge
DIT: Lanny Bolger
VTR: Oscar Irwin
Storyboard Artist: Guy Perez
Editorial: Outsider Editorial
Editor: Chris Murphy
Assistant Editor: Kelsey Dale-McGrath
Producer: Kayan Choi
Executive Producer: Kristina Anzlinger
Colour & Online: Studio Feather
Colorist: Jason Zukowski
VFX/Finishing: Julian Van Mil
VFX Artists: Luke Bellissimo, Matt Dochstader
EP: Sara Windram
Audio: OSO
Audio Creative Director: Harry Knazan
SFX: Leo Hicks

Official Selections: Branded Content

The Coral Gardeners | Can They Really Save the World?*

Directed by Cory S. Martin

“Bridging the gap between a familiar world and a magical one through music wasn’t the easiest task. I felt melodysheep really had the right mood to deliver what the story deserved.” – Drew Longest

Featured Musicbed Music

“One Species” and “Go Looking” by melodysheep


Director: Sam Potter
DP: Cory Martin
Colorist: Jake Pierrelee
Editor: Drew Longest
Talent: Titouan Bernicot

Shimano Europe Group | Made In: Milano

Directed by Michiel Rotgans

“I was especially happy with ‘Only Time Will Tell’ by Jo Blankenburg. I love basic instruments like drums, pianos, and strings without throwing too many gimmicks in the mix. It’s a 3-minute piece, and I was able to remix it perfectly for the 1-minute intro. It started powerfully, dropped, regained energy, and ended in a climax without being too dramatic.” – Michiel Rotgans

Featured Musicbed Music

“Only Time Will Tell” by Jo Blankenburg
“Between the Lines”, “Caravan”, and “Gem” by Will Patterson
“Dark Skies” by David A. Molina


Director/DOP: Michiel Rotgans
AC: Frank van Hulst
Gaffer: Andrea Mammoliti
Animation: Marcus Flack
Grading: Remi Lindenhovius

Official Selections: Experimental

Astro Armis*

Directed by Guille Moron

Featured Musicbed Music

“So Fresh (No Oohs & Ahhs) – Instrumental” by The Fancee
“Thunderbird” by Ryan Taubert


Director: @guillemoron
DP: @romanryzhko.dp
Producer: @xufernandez
Gaffer: @margazkilari
Focus Puller: @rest_of_decnod
Art Director: @valerie.moso
Art Assistant: @maryleranch
CGI: @denbrooks
2D Animation:
Colorist: @romanryzhko.dp
Sound Mix: @eduardorosa.wav
Main Actor: @individuo_filmmaker
Basketball Extra/Runner: @pablodoni16
Chess Extra: @guillermoaliaga
Basketball Extra: Sergey Skripnikov
Basketball Extra: Rodrigo Bazua
Basketball Extra: @jiggydose
Braker: @davichoso
Club Extra: Natella Ivanyk
Club Extra: @alannart

The Relics

Directed by Ethan Milner

“I’ve always loved Ryan’s work and followed it closely. I wanted music that felt ghostly and operatic and emotional. The film was about legacy, and in putting it together, medieval imagery kept coming to mind—Arthurian ideas of honor, sacrifice, and loss. I remembered Mr. Taubert’s albums ‘Fool’ and ‘Fable’ and listened to them all through prep. I picked those two tracks before we shot. We even played the songs on set for our actor/stunt coordinator Juliene so she could feel the tone and intensity of the piece. – Ethan Milner

Featured Musicbed Music

“Are You Listening?” and “Fool” by Ryan Taubert


Writer/Director/Editor: @ethan_milner
Production Company: @workwithcedar
Talent: @julienejoyner
Producer: @kevinleighjohnson
DP/Creative Producer: @thekirby
Color: @greysonawelch
1st AC: @toddyrobes
2nd AC: @greysonmack
Trinity/Scorpion Arm Op: @bionicsteadiops
Gaffer: @championlighting
Best Boy: @mikefalco_
Grip: @karrivers_t
Music: @musicbed @ryantaubert
Sound Mix: @chappyphoto
BTS: @firstavenueproductions
PAs: John Orr, @austin_marcum

Official Selections: Travel/Lifestyle

This Is for the Uninspired Street Photographer.*

Created by Faizal Westcott

“The music selection for this video needed to reflect my feeling of being stuck in my own head during a time when I felt unmotivated and uninspired to go out and do photography. Since most of the story is driven by my narration, I wanted something that wouldn’t be too overbearing but was also something that would be powerful enough to listen to by itself. I felt that the three songs I used worked perfectly in conveying these feelings with their atmospheric and solemn melody.

The song ‘Rainfield’ worked perfectly in that it starts a bit somber but picks up and becomes uplifting. I thought it worked well when I talked about all the places I was going to travel to this year. The song Only Human has this interesting abrupt static that ends the song. I really liked that element, so I included it at the end of my video. I felt like it resembled a ‘mic drop’ moment.” – Faizal Westcott

Featured Musicbed Music

“Lonely Park” by Bytheway-May
“Rainfield” by Nick Box


Creator: Faizal Westcott

Official Selections: Wedding Film

Gunnar + Megan

Created by Wild Oak Films

“We wanted an indie sort of vibe for the wedding day song. As soon as we heard [‘Cereus Bright’], we knew it was it. The vocals and the build made us feel so much. The sound of the song also fits very well with who the couple is and what their weekend was about.” – Wild Oak Films

Featured Musicbed Music

“So Deep In Love” by Eddy Giles
“Cereus Bright” and “Give Me Time – Instrumental” by Cereus Bright
“Chroma” by Jude Cosmo
“Get Up & Go” by Surfclub

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