Musicbed Awards: October’s Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

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Musicbed Awards celebrates stellar work from our community featuring Musicbed music. Each month, standout submissions are recognized as Official Selections and shared with hundreds of thousands.

We’re excited to present this month’s Official Selections—work that exemplifies the unforgettable moments that can happen when the right music and footage meet. 

Check the latest round of Official Selections below. Want to see your work featured? Submit any of your work from this year that uses Musicbed music to Musicbed Awards today.  

Official Selections: Advertisement 

ATP Tour | Thank you, Roger* 

Produced by Sift Creative

“When we were concepting this piece’s sound, we wanted something that could embody the elegance and passion that Roger Federer is known for.  Given that this was our way to say thank you to one of the greatest players ever to grace a tennis court, we wanted the viewer to feel the weight of his incredible 20+ year career. The tracks we ultimately chose were a perfect blend to help deliver those themes.” – Jordan Bolt

Featured Musicbed Music 
Vespertine” and “The Privilege” by Jo Blankenburg


Client: ATP Tour 
Production: Sift Creative 
Executive Producers: Charlie Fox, Angela Evans
Creative Director: Rachel Goldsworthy
Post Producer: Jordan Bolt
Assistant Producers: Matthew Olarewaju, Will Salter, Joao Araripe, Kate Flory
Cinematography: Matthew Olarewaju
Editor: Emmie Leary
Post Sound: Jon Isbell
Color: Jordan Bolt
Additional Footage: ATP Tour

Project Rock x Under Armour | Black Adam*

Directed by Karsten Winegeart

Click above to watch

“I was actually shooting a music video for S.O., and he asked me what upcoming projects I was working on. I told him I was working on a new commercial for The Rock’s new Black Adam Project Rock Shoe. He stopped me mid-sentence and said, ‘I have the perfect track for you.’ He then went on to play me ‘Shaking the Globe,’ and I instantly knew it was the perfect song. It felt as if it was written specifically for this project, so it was a no-brainer to use this song.” – Karsten Winegeart 

Featured Musicbed Music 
“Shaking the Globe” by S.O. 


Client: Project Rock x Under Armour
Director/Editor: Karsten Winegeart 
Additional Footage: Liam Underwood, Hunter So 
GFX/Titles: John Michalec 
Robot Operator: Ari Morales 
Grip: Tony Stolfa 
BTS: Taylor Illgen 

Official Selections: Branded Content 

Atlas Mercury Series | My Own Eyes 

Directed by Vanessa Vandy

“I was looking for a song that would help emphasize the different emotional beats of the story and glue the classroom scenes with the flashback sequence. Not only did ‘Visible’ by Why We Wonder do just that, but it also was very beautiful and helped enrich the story by adding its own flavor to it.” – Vanessa Vandy 

Featured Musicbed Music 
Visible” by Why We Wonder 


Client: Atlas Mercury 
Director/DOP: Vanessa Vandy 
Writers: Vanessa Vandy, Priya Lorenz 
Producers: Vanessa Vandy, Nikita Noyes, and Priya Lorenz 
1st AC: Archer Roelants
Sound Recordist: Craig O’Reilly  
1st AD: Romani Lawson 
Sound Design: Steve Horne
Color: Kath Rausch, Company 3

Lululemon Australia | A Few Steps in Silence 

Produced by Content Lion

Shot from A Few Steps in Silence
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“The songs in my mind were perfect for and matched the progression and build of the film ultimately reaching the sequence of the highliners doing their thing. They had a progressive pace and build to the BPM that I really liked and was stoked that I found it all in the one place.” – Max Hinton 

Featured Musicbed Music 
Fixation” by Pendulum Theory 
Beyond” by Longlake 
Futures” by Roary 
The Morning” by Dustin Lau


Client: Lululemon Australia 
Director: Max Hinton 
Production Company: Content Lion 
Color: Kali Bateman 

University Laval | Conscious Travel 

Created by Béatrice Vu

“Before going to Antarctica, I created a list of songs that evoke inspiration, importance, and hope, which led me to Daniel Deuschle as the main music mix…We wanted songs that could share the same emotions we experienced during the journey, which meant the ups, downs, and the connection we felt to nature.” – Béatrice Vu

Featured Musicbed Music 
Enduring Hope” and “From The Dust” by Daniel Deuschle 
Oyarsa (feat. Timbre)” by Tony Anderson 
Beyond Karma” by Dustin Lau 
Around” by Gracie and Rachel 
Tension on the Wire” by The Silver Pages 


Client: University Laval 
Producer: Wild to Balance
Director, DOP, and Writer: Béatrice Vu 
Camera/Director Assistant: Alexandra Walsh 
Artistic Direction/Co-Writer: Jessica Racanelli 
Colorist/Sound/Video Editor: Sylvain Borg 

Official Selections: Documentary 

The Face of Fear* 

Directed by Alex Ramsey

“I’ve been wanting to work with Gavin ever since I heard his work on ‘Hummingbirds in the Trenches’ many years ago. When I was looking for composers for ‘The Face of Fear,’ his range and cinematic sensibilities felt like a perfect fit for the project. In the end, he changed the shape of the entire project for the better by injecting a subtlety that allowed the storytelling to drive the film. He is a true musical genius.” – Alex Ramsey 

Featured Musicbed Music 
Face of Fear Custom Score by Gavin Brivik 


Director: Alex Ramsey 
Producers: Eric Cook, Chelsea Kaiser 
Cinematographer: Aiden Ulrich 
Executive Producer: Filmsupply 
Co-Executive Producer: Garen Scribner 
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli 
Co-Producer: Ben Strang 
VFX Supervisor: Alejandro Taylor 
VFX Artist: Dylan Blau 
Edit/Sound Design: Alex Ramsey 
Sound Mix: Zoltan Juhasz 
Steadicam: George Du, Paulius Kontijevas 
Blackarm: Keith Ferreira 
First Assistant Camera: Donovan Loew, Jake Shapiro 
Loaders: Elijah Lobato, Matt Vasquez 
Gaffer: Omar Nasr 
Key Grips: Luis Chavez, Lukas Cardoni 
BTS Photographer: Orlando Asson 
Production Assistants: Alyssa Anchelowitz, Andy James, Harry Humphrey, Jennifer Loo, Luke Dowden, Zeke Charles 
Post Production Supervisor: Chelsea Kaiser 
Color Producer: Nat Tereshchenko
Developed/Produced by: Cross Cut Pictures 
With Support From: Filmsupply, Ethos Studio 
Film Development: Kodak NY 
Post Production: Cross Cut Pictures 
Featuring: Jarrick the Floating Yogi Lockjaw, Massey Blakeman, Julia Belyako, Garen Scribner 

Official Selections: Experimental 

Shed Some Light* 

Directed by I.M

“We started looking for an intense track that could elevate the raw emotions in the film. It is an abstract piece, and the music should go in that direction as well. We were immediately drawn to Cubby’s songs and used one of his tracks for a key moment on the first cuts. So, when Filmsupply connected us with him, it was very natural. He composed a whole piece for the entire film, and we had almost zero notes when the first version arrived—he pretty much nailed it. It was essential to have him on board, and he helped us convey all the nuances and emotions we wanted to provoke.” – I.M 

Featured Musicbed Music 
Shed Some Light Custom Score by Cubby


Director: I.M 
Narrator: Lee Thomas 
Director of Photography: Ulisses Malta Jr 
Executive Producer: Filmsupply 
Production Designer: Nina Simão 
Production Coordinator: Raphael Reitano 
Casting: Luisa Alcantara e Silva 
Editor: Henrique Smith 
Assistant Editor: Bernardo Bastos 
Colorist: Braion Marçal 
Visual Effects: Hub VFX 
Sound Mixing: Samuel Malbon 
Special Thanks: Zahra Staub, Uma Questão de Pele 
Talent: Natalia Deodato, Melk Costa Cauchy, Larissa Lima, Carlos Henrique Aleixo, Milena Satyro

Official Selections: Travel/Lifestyle 

Who Are You to Tell a Story? 

Created by Erica Hinck

“I really struggled to write the narration for this project. I was confused by what I was trying to communicate. No song felt quite right. So I kept changing out the music, hoping something would stick. It wasn’t until I found Jacob Montague, that I started to get excited. I immediately felt something when I first listened to this song—something haunting, something whimsical. It ultimately helped me write the rest of my script. I am now very obsessed with all of his music and can’t wait to use another one of his songs sometime soon. My highest regards to the many talented composers on Musicbed!” – Erica Hinck 

Featured Musicbed Music 
Dreaming Mountains” by Jacob Montague 


Created by: Erica Hinck 
Additional Camera work by: Chase Viken, Alex Romo, and Sam Newton 

Official Selections: Wedding Film 

Fairytale Wedding at Fairmont Banff Springs 

Created by Panemorfi Weddings

“The couple had a fairytale wedding in the mountains, and as soon as I heard this song, it evoked images of fairytales in my mind. The song has a sense of wonder and grandeur that the mountains also possess, creating harmony between the imagery and the music. I just knew it was the perfect song choice for this wedding, this location, and this couple.” – Panemorfi Weddings 

Featured Musicbed Music 
Far Away Places” by Andrew & Jared DePolo 


Created by: Panemorfi Weddings 

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