Musicbed Awards Trophy

An Update on Musicbed Awards

We're excited to announce that this year's digital Musicbed Awards show will be held in October.
musicbed awards selections

Musicbed Awards: March Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

Challenging Preconceptions One Film at a Time

Hazuki Aikawa makes films that might make you uncomfortable. They tackle subjects that confront norms and may make you squirm…

Eliot Rausch: “Quick and Easy Answers Bother Me Now.”

Eliot Rausch likes parables and has a habit of turning them into beautiful and thought-provoking, albeit highly ambiguous, short films.…

Why the “Hard Road” is a Path to Better Films

If our conversation with Dan Sadgrove seems to rove a bit, bear with us. It’s what he does. “I don’t…