Matt Johnson - Wedding Filmmaker

Wedding Filmmaking: How Matt Johnson Captures the Heartbeat of Every Story with Music

Lights, Camera, Emotion: Matt Johnson reveals the soundtrack to cinematic magic.
KEJ Productions

Crafting Unforgettable Wedding Films with KEJ Productions

Meeting as audio engineers in production management, Kaleb & Elaine Jiminez exchanged vows in 2012, and just 3 years later…
Russell Kent Nicholls Filmmaker

Russell Kent Nicholls Shares the Art of Visual Storytelling and Musical Alchemy

With a lifetime of experience in weddings, Russell knows how to bring emotion and depth into any commercial projects, branded…
Cinematographer Drew J. Pond

Mastering Unforgettable Wedding Films with Award-Winning Cinematographer Drew J. Pond

Award-winning wedding filmmaker, Drew J. Pond understands better than anyone how to craft unique, beautifully intense, cinematic wedding films.
musicbed awards selections

Musicbed Awards: March Official Selections

This month's Musicbed Awards Official Selections have been chosen. Watch them here.

5 Wedding Filmmakers’ Advice for Navigating the COVID Era

Not only have the lives of wedding filmmakers been upended during the pandemic; but the countless couples who were to…
Ray Roman: Wedding Filmmaker

Ride the Tornado: Wedding Filmmaker Ray Roman on Overcoming Obstacles

“They don't hire you because you're able to deal with easy situations,” Ray told us. “What sets you apart is…

4 Lessons About Being a Wedding Filmmaker From 2019

While the wedding film industry may seem insulated from other film industries, it’s still one-hundred-percent filmmaking. There are stories, editing…

White in Revery’s Survival Guide for Editing Wedding Films

Sure, it’s fun editing a wedding film from time to time. But, it’s a whole different beast when edit season…

5 Ways to Market Your Wedding Films Better

This is something we all know is true: Wedding films are growing in popularity. We’ve seen it. You’ve seen it.…